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For the best result

As the part of Focus system, bilberry anthocyans are supplemented with other compounds that all together exert a complex action on the visual system and provide normal eyes function.

Carotenoids (beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein) quench free radicals and protect retina from UV irradiation.

Vitamins , 2, , and zinc exert potent antioxidant action that is prophylactic for visual system and protects it against wide range of disorders.

Ingredients Quantity (in one capsule) %*

Standardized bilberry extract,
including anthocyanidin

  • are potent antioxidants
  • strengthen capillary walls
  • enhance ocular blood supply
  • facilitate regeneration of vision after continuous stress.
  • decrease the risk of retinal dystrophy
  • increase visual acuity in the twilight
  • facilitate regeneration of photobleached rhodopsin

50 mg
12,5 mg




  • is one of the yellow spot (macula) pigments
  • protects retina from UV irradiation
  • prevents development of lenticular opacity and retinal degeneration
  • prevents development of different forms of retinal dystrophy  
  • plays the role of light filter

2 mg



  • Maintains choroid and retina
  • Facilitates lutein effect
  • Potent antioxidant

1 mg



  • neutralizes free radicals
  • is a light filter
  • is essential for color perception, color perception and dark adaptation
  • protects from UV





  • an essential compound of rhodopsin synthesis, which provides light perception and dark adaptation

0,5 mg (1667 )


Vitamin 2

  • increases vision sharpness (also under decreased illumination conditions)
  • protects retina from excessive UV exposure

1,7 mg


Vitamin C

  • normalize capillary permeability
  • protect retina from UV irradiation
  • strengthen capillaries (what is facilitated by bilberry anthocyans)

70 mg



  • normalizes capillary permeability
  • prevents capillary fragility
  • protects retinal cells from detrimental action of free radicals





  • participates in the synthesis of rhodopsin and is involved in the optic nerve structure maintenance.

15 mg


* % of everyday recommended dietary allowances of food and bioactive substances.


Adults and children 14 years of age and over are recommended to take 1 capsule daily with meal.

Recommended course duration is 40 to 60 days (23 packs).

If recommended by health care professional or if necessary course may be repeated.

Number of courses is unlimited.


Systemic approach to the vision improvement

Those who would like to enhance beneficial potential of Focus system are offered to consider a systemic approach to the problem. Each pack contains a booklet describing specific eyes exercises, which if performed on the regular basis have two effects. First, strengthen ocular muscles, and second, improves ocular blood supply and thus enhances the access of beneficial substances to the eye.

You can evaluate your progress using a special table that comes with Focus system. Keep in mind that changes happen slowly. Eye specialists recommend to perform your eyes check at least several times a year depending on the level of stress your visual system experiences.

Also, we would like to stress that self-check cant substitute services of ophthalmologist.


*The results of trials that evaluated products of different manufacturers, performed by Research Institute for Nutrition Russian Academy of Medical were discussed by the head of Analytical Methods in Food Substances Research laboratory, Doctor of Science K.I/ Eller in the frame of television show Health with Elena Malisheva on June 24th, 2006.

** M.B. Gottich, V.N. Tasclitsky. High performance liquid chromatography as a method for determination of quantity and quality of anthocyan pigments as compounds of biologically active food supplement. // Clinical Ophthalmology. 2007. V. 8. Issue 3. p. 106109.

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